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Counting down and wasting time

I've finally finished my semester. Done with exams and done with everything. The only thing I should be looking forward to is graduation day and finding an actual job. You know, the kinds that will pay off your student loans.

And I must admit, I think I've been enjoying the "holidays" wayyy too much because I know I'd lose it soon. Its a bittersweet feeling. It's like I'm going through a break up. And Uni has been a love hate relationship, its-me-not-you, kinda thing. I know I've been lagging on the postings but I always try to make it up with POW WOW greatness.

These were just photos around Fitzroy couple months back and also I've thrown few pictures I developed from my very first roll of film camera that I've recently got sucked into. It's a new hobby that I've acquired. Please do excuse the amateur photo taking skills.

Also, in the midst of enjoying my post-exam/end of semester, I've also tried to acquire another skill. And that is the ability to try and understand poker. Yes, I don't understand any form games that involves gambling because it never interest me. But at the same time, it's something that I was curious. Oh God honestly, I don't even know why I try because it was a struggle. I mean yea I've got friends telling and what not, so I do get a little gist of it? I've literally been on MansionCasino trying to figure it out. I must say I've progressed quite well. I also should try those ones on Facebook.. like that Texas Hold Poker thingy but I really don't want to see my friends there and start inviting me, you know what I mean?

But enough of my ability of acquiring these skills. As usually, I am trying to distract you on my absence. Trying to start my gibberish at the start of my post as well. Yay? Nay? 

Anyways, I'll be anticipating for my graduation day and the phase after that. 


Photo taken by Jeremy Wong with the scribbles by yours truly

Film taken with Olympus SuperZoom 800s with 35mm Fuji iso 400

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