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Brighton in winter and playing pretend

Hello lovelies

I'm back with my old habit of lazy postings. I've dumped two photo sesh I did in here and it was when Winter was still bugging us here in good ol' Oz. Brighton beach during winter could be almost the worse idea to visit and I honestly wished I stacked on more than two layers that day. But then again I manage to revisit it again during spring and it was magnificent, especially if you could just catch the sun rays setting on your face. How nostalgic. Reminded me of Sabah, because I all ever wanted to do back home was to find the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. The kinda thing you and your high school crush wanted to do but can't because you're too busy trying to tell your mum on the phone that you're out for movies with your gal pals. 

But Mike did a good job handling the camera by the beach. He started using some wicked techniques on the camera just so the flash don't turn out too harsh. Kudos on you for that, Mike. 

On another note, Lilian and I had way too much fun exploring Lygon street. Firstly we tried to make me look cool buying meat in Coles, which we realised it wasn't really working out. I'm just really bad using supermarket background to it's full potential. I literally turned out looking like some old aunty confused on which aisle the baking flour was. 

Which we resorted to Lilian's carpark instead. Hey don't get me wrong, the space and edgy dark ambiance was what we needed. We started scavenging through the other tenants stuff in boxes which looked like they were about to burn them away. So, that "Inside Out" picture definitely does not look anything like the Pixar's version. Tells you loads about the tenants around that building, honestly. 

Omg, Emery, like why are you telling us this. Hey c'mon guys, be nice, sharing the story behind these photos is seriously interesting okay. Haha, I actually just wanted to distract you guys from noticing how overdue this post is. Like really, Emery? A winter post when it already spring? Literally so last season.  

On a brighter note, my semester ended and I am officially 22? 

Which means, I'm graduating soon and soon will be unemployed at 22!

Hmmm. That's weird. Doesn't sound so bright after all.

Okay enough blabbers. Can't believe some of y'all have been this journey with me from the beginning where all of this have started including my uni days. And now it's coming to an end (not the blog tho, blog will still be alive) and I've got to face the reality of adulthood. 

Till then, the adventures never stop


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