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The art of getting by and something fresh

On me
Blue Dress: Glassons
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Sparkle Socks: Topshop
Sling Bag: Vera Pelle

On Ariel (my sis)
Dress: Unknown (gift)
Sandals: Tong Bianco
Bag: Somewhere in Europe lol (gift)


Mmmhmm. A trip to the local gallery would probably be the best thing to go to for a photo taking sesh. Haha. No, I'm not ignoring the complete beauty of the art hanging and using merely for prop purposes, c'mon guys, I'm not that mean.

I won't call myself an art enthusiast but I enjoy looking at art. I enjoy exploring museums and art galleries, it speaks a lot on behalf of the culture and history of a place. Plus, you get to discover new artist and if fortunate enough, evolve a certain fondness on them. Well, I certainly did and guess what, I was even lucky enough to bump into on of the artist that was showcasing her pieces in the gallery. She was actually still discussing with the rest of the staff in the gallery on how she wanted her work to be hung and arranged and my sister and I approached her when she seemed less preoccupied with things around her.

She was an amazing, friendly petite Japanese woman residing in Sabah at the moment to paint and show casing her work. She's been around about 2 years now and she was so excited on telling us a little on her life as an artist and also took the time to explain what her painting meant and all that.

Her name was Emico. 

I tried to search her up after the whole art gazing but she's barely on the internet.

What intrigued me was she never had the need to promote herself via media or giving out her business card what so ever - probably also I never asked. She was deeply immersed into telling us about her life and art. 

Anyways, enough chit chat. Like my new look? :P Think I'm gonna stick with this for awhile.


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Chocolates and sweet desserts are happy pills. Art watching is therapeutic. Musicals are fun to boogie to. Fashion gives superpowers.
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