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Various and Holiday

Top: Thrifted
Leather Skirt: H&M
Spotted tights: TopShop
Thigh High socks: Uniqlo
Boots: Old (Some pre loved market, i thinks)
Cardigan: Just Jeans
Top:Urban Outfitters
Pleated skirt: H&M
Tights: Sox World
Shoes: London Rebel
Jacket: Just Jeans
Top: Supre,
Sweat Pants: Sussan
Boots: Korea

Well well.. we meet again digital world. 

If you've been reading my previous post, I was on 2 weeks of Easter break and it just ended, unfortunately. It was really interesting. Didn't really feel like I've wasted them at all. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed the break but it was really challenging to be extremely productive ( I'm talking about trying to catch on assignments). It was a mixture of soul-searching, meeting new friends and just getting closer with the old ones. The pictures aren't exactly in chronological order, I thought it looked pretty rad having it mixed up, they are however, arranged in a way they're relating to one another. So you can pretty much just guess what I've been up to, just roaming around going into quirky thrift stores, and finding brunch places to eat. Just little things in life. 

Annnddd.... it's May!

Yeap, too fast, don't cha think? Been almost a year since I've started this blog (we're one month away from being a year old!) And I can still remember the primary drivers that have made me started all of this. I can't believe how much things have changed, especially if you look back through my old posts. I have yet to learn more things and get inspired to try out different ways to be creative with this, and honestly, I'm struggling. 

But you know, my blog posts are always exciting. haha (Self absorbent much). When I created this obviously flicking through narcissistic photos of me won't be much interesting, so I thought throwing in some lifestyle and simple everyday -life- photos would probably lighten things up. The description of this blog is basically about it anyway. 

I hope I'm doing well at it though and you don't feel the posts some what a bore. Especially those who had always been a regular reader :) 

I promise I'll be more inspiring even when I think I am absolutely not. 


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