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Proud and Running

Beanie: Thrifted Sunnies: Victoria Market Shinny Striped Sweater: Seed Black Tights: Taiwan Skull Bracelet: Divali Rings: h&m and Diva Shiny Socks: Topshop Shoes: Jefferey Campbell

Been brunching over the weeks now. Now that's Easter break is here, my life will probably just revolve around food and gaining fats for the cold weather. Speaking of weather, it has been pouring for the pass few days non stop and it only decided to stop (but still giving mixed signals) on the weekend, in which, I took the advantage to go take photos and eat. Now, not to make you almost jealous but Kim and I happened to be eating brunch at Proud Mary just few hours before David Choi did haha. I felt like if stayed putt for like few hours we both could have divinely met each other. But sadly it didn't. Oh well. At least this random dog came up to me when I ecstatically called it (you know that kissy sound), now how cute is that. Was thinking of almost grabbing it and taking it home but sadly the owner beckoned it back . At night, I decided to run off all the nasty food I've consumed in my life by going the Electric Run Melbourne 14'. That explains popping in the random glowy, phone-camera-quality pictures. 5km again. Not as messy as Color Run however, still much colour, still very bright indeed. Same same but different, if you get what I mean. Again, with all the motivation to run, I ended up breezily just strolling my way through. 

And then guess what happened after the run?

That's right. Food happened particularly Asian.

I think it's gotten to me and its inescapable. Save me.

Two weeks of break will pass by real quick I can tell. The amount of assignments are cringe worthy. I'll find time to still blog and post though because c'mon why wouldn't I want to take photos of myself. I'm kidding.
but seriously.

Till then!


p/s thanks Kimbo for them picture taking skillz

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