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Mountains and then back here

Classes just started and it's been awfully dreadful to think about how the holidays just went by... just like that (in this case, only me, other of my friends are still having theirs). I flew back to Melbourne a week ago and straight away started uni a couple of days later. It felt like reality just slapped me right on my face. Still trying to get that laid back holiday mood out of the system or I'll easily crash and burn trying to stuff my brain back with all the uni stuff. 

However, I can't help but to post a couple of pictures on how my trip back home was. I manage to went up to the mountains while I was there. I wasn't there for too long. just one night. Trying to escape the noisy festivities that were happening around my neighborhood. It was sort of chilly? But not too chilly? If that made sense. Stayed in one of my parents' friends place and mainly just relaxing and chilling.

 Top: thrifted, Pleather leggings: Taiwan, Shoes: Windsor Smith, Hat: Cotton On

Did a couple of morning shots of my sister and a little night shots for me. Trying to experiment with different type of shots and also learning how to edit them with different techniques. At night we watch the city lit up and little fireworks began to pop out here and there. Thank God I escaped the noise. And after that I got distracted with playing a couple of games and a couple of karaoke sesh . So much for some techno detox.

Top: Uniqlo, Sunnies: Rayband, Printed Tights: Factorie, Shoe: London Rebel 

The next day there was a local traditional festival going on around the place that I was staying. It was a native traditional food tasting festival so to say. We had a couple of dishes (very interesting dishes) and chilled for awhile. After that we walked around a little and taking random pictures. You can even see which specific area I am in by looking at the sign that says Kg. Sinagang which means Sinagang Village :P We decided to head over back to the city after lunch time and my sister manage to take this picture of a church on the way down. 

Then the rest of the days were mainly me eating my heart out and harvesting fats in my body. You can't help but to eat and only to eat when you're back home. Food is so much nicer and cheaper :P So I'm pretty bumped out about leaving. Was looking forward to Uni but now, come to think of it. I might kinda sorta change my mind about that.

Till then. Wish me luck as I try to tear myself into multitasking this semester!


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