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Changes and New Beginnings

Hey all!

I have to apologize for the lack of updates and postings. I would love to say that "Oh, I was so busy with my life and with other commitments because I'm just so productive like that," but no. There is other excuse to tell you other than the fact that I was plainly being lazy and unmotivated to write.

I know these kind of things are bound to happen to me eventually. But the good thing is, I refuse to let it get the best of me. Therefore, I am really sorry so being so lazy haha. Probably it might not even bother you, but I think it matters to me a lot.

That aside, it's a good thing that I'm finally posting though yay! I know it's a day before New years but I think this post is perfect to be posted today!

So I'm finally back in my hometown Sabah, Malaysia (feel free to google that)! The last time I was here was about 6 months ago. It's a place where I will always call home although I am deeply in love with the vibrant city, Melbourne.

My sister and I (maybe just me haha) have decided to re shoot or reenact old photos of us when we were young. We thought it was a good way to show how much we've changed throughout the years. We also dragged out dad to be apart of it too.

Also, since 2013 is ending, there just too much things to learn from and also to be grateful for. When I got home and looked though these pictures, I felt like I knew where I belong. I always feel like I'm a better me when I am at home.

So take a look and see if we've done a good job haha. We tried our best to make it look the same :)

P/s dont laugh.

2003 & 2013

Sutera Habour Resort
Me (on the left side): Minkpink Dress, London Rebel Shoes
My sister: Thrifted Denim Jacket & Top

2003 & 2013

Signal Hill Observatory tower
Dad and my sister

2003 & 2013

Signal Hill Observatory Tower
Dad and I

2003 & 2013

Go Kart Center
Me: Padini Top, Random Cap lol
Sister: Cotton on Top, Skirt from Taiwan

2000 & 2013

My old home 
Green Top from MINKPINK, Denim Shorts by Jayjays, London Rebel Shoes

2000 & 2013

My old home
Floral Dress by Paint it Red, Custom made white top

1997 & 2013

My house

Me: Stripe top from Ally
Sister: lol dont know

I know I know, it must be so funny to look at my baby faces and weird expressions back then. Oh well, at least now you see how much I've changed physically haha. 

I absolutely loved doing this because my whole family was so into it although it wasn't something so hard to do but we had such a great time doing it together. It also shows how some places stays the same and some went through big changes (just kinda like humans). I might even do some fashion shoot with this kind of concept :P What do you think? Hehehe. Either way, there are greater things in store for this blog! 

Anyways, I hoped that 2013 treated you well! I won't bore you with my resolutions and stuff I've learnt this year. I think that it's something we personally should reflect on and deal with ourselves.

This blog was started this year and that is something I never regret doing. Though I did doubt myself about whether I did the right thing about starting this, at the end of the day, I never felt any more prouder than to look back on the things I wrote and shared to you about. 

I will not let this blog to go to waste, and I am writing this here as prove and reminder that this is something that I will nurture and let it grow up to it's potential! :) 

Thank you all for supporting me and leaving such encouraging comments on my posts. It means so much to me and gives me a another reason to write and continue to what I love doing. 

Happy late Merry Christmas and definitely New Years to you all! 

Emery :)

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