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Bare Face and Dress Ups

Hello you lovely faced person,

Yes, I'm back on the postings and what not. Sorry for the lack of posting on my blog :P If you may know, I am a fashion student here in Melbourne and I am currently and finally ending my semester! So that explains me not posting (okay, fine, so it's little bit of feeling uninspired and tired) because I was too busy with sticking my nose in assignments and exams, boo.

But! Holidays are kicking in and you know what means! Being able to be free from the smell of messy hair and late nights in rushing in finishing your uni work! Plus, it means that I can invest in more time posting and get inspired to write more.

Now, enough gibberish.

So it came to my senses that Halloween just passed a few days ago and it intrigued me how people love dressing up, usually into something spooky or slutty. Now, not everybody is into those I get. Some are only into the dressing up part and some just want to look like they've beaten up by a baseball bat, I get it.

But as much as this occasion provides the opportunity to be absolutely scary, I however see it more of a good ol' dress up party haha. To be honest, I'm not fond of putting scars on my face, blood or making myself looking whiter than Michael Jackson. Nah, don't worry, that's just what I personally think. Even if I were to participate in such occasion, I'd rather see it as a "Cosplay" event. So you'll see me most likely to be more of a dress up rather than being something gory.

So, I thought I'd do something different :P I'm going to play dress up in this post. I was initially going to record and post it up as some "GET READY WITH ME DRESS UP HALLOWEEN" thing, but... Then I thought to myself, "Get ready... to where?". As sad as it sounds, yes, no where.

Figured, it'd be better to take picture of me dressing up as if I were to actually going somewhere. But, this is purely for fun and I never done it before anyway! So it's pretty much something different from my regular posts.

Let's get started then!

OMG. WTFBBQ. Is that me?

Yes, that is indeed. Welcome mortals, to the bare face of Emery Joy. If you haven't seen me in a bare face moment, then walah, here you go. I mean, it's not that bad c'mon. So here are the basic stuff I used to get my face done before applying the more, big and dramatic part, if you know what I mean. I mean the part where my features will be more enhanced hahaha #sadlife

If you noticed, I didn't selfie myself with all the products I use. Only the basic ones and I've written there the other products that I used. Ain't nobody got time to show you all my products. I'm not a beauty guru anyway, just a girl who loves playing with make up.

So here, are my all dolled up face :D


NO. I told you, my features were enhanced. You know, I was actually born drop dead gorgeous, but, puberty killed it. So there you have it, I need a lil help from make up to regain that gorgeouness again.

Anyways, so here's the rest of the make up products I use to finish off some of the last few bits on the face :P By the way, the lighting and my photography skill sucks to the core of this earth, so I do apologize for the confusing lighting

Annnnddddd here is the finale!

So I didn't tell you actually what I was trying to dress up as.

Can you tell what I was trying to be? :P

ps: I did the costume all from scratch like from scarves and etc ...

Till then


answer: contemporary Esmeralda

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