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Edward Steichen and the love for 20s-30s

Sorry for the disgustingly long pause of my postings my dearies.

So what have I been recently nosing myself into again?

If you're thinking, "Oh judging by the title, is this gonna be some boring article about the classic and stuff like that?"

Oh you! Judging my contents with the title, shame on you. Fortunately, no, it's not going to be an article but rather sharing my interest into the classic era of the roaring 20s and early 30s. And there was no other way to better do it than to share my thoughts and experience while vising the National Gallery of Victoria last Saturday on the Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion exhibition. 

Quick info, just in case you don't know, Edward Steichen is known for his photography skills in the fashion industry like Vogue and Vanity Fair. He does landscapes, portraits, theater and other things as well. He's work has fascinated people from all over the world and did a remarkable job in catching something more than just a pretty face on the frame of his camera. He was indeed a great impact in the 20s - 30s era. So kudos on Edward, for his work also has influence in today's photography department. 

And also if you have not known, I've recently been so into the roaring 20s ever since The Great Gatsby movie came about. The movie was pretty interesting ( and I have been told to actually read the book itself countless time) but the thing that intrigued me was the fashion and lifestyle of that era. Where the revolution of wearing short hem lines on the skirt,  and bathing suits that shows more flesh start to show. It was where modesty was preserved and you still look classy and absolutely still sexy ;P

So here's are some of Edward's work during the exhibition (mind you I googled all of these because photography wasn't allowed in the exhibition ) and some of my favorites! :) 

Suzanne Tablot 1925, taken by Edward Steichen

Arden Gay 1924 wearing a dress by Coco Chanel, taken by Edward Steichen

Anna May Yong 1930, taken by Edward Steichen

Dancers Leonora Hughes and Maurice Mouvet 
1935, taken by Edward Steichen

Gloria Swanson 1928, taken by Edward Steichen

" Her eyes dialated, her look was of a leopardess lurking behind  of leaf shrubbery, watching her prey"
- Edward Steichen while taking this photo of Gloria
(this photo is absolutely stunning!!!)

Marion Morehouse 1927 wearing a beaded
white chiffon dress by Chanel, and ankle-strap shoes by Delman, taken by Edward Steichen

"The greatest model I ever photographed was Marion Morehouse. When she puts on the clothes to be photographed, she transformed herself into a woman who really would wear that gown or that riding habit or whatever outfit it was."
-Edward on Marion 

No doubt that Edward takes incredibly amazing photos. And these are just the few of many of his works! 

There also garments during the exhibition by classic designers like Coco Chanel, Vionnet, Jeanne Lanvin and so on. They all had contribute their marvelous talent into breaking boundaries and creating new patterns in the fashion industry during that era. All in which have influence greatly in the fashion world today. 

If you noticed through the photos, you'll realize that embellishments and art deco are both combined onto the garment to give such an amazing look. These type of garments are mainly for evening wears to cocktail parties and also for parties which involved a lot of swing dancing, commonly with Jazz songs. in the 20s the garments are usually loosely fitted so swing dancing are easier, however through out the year in the early 30s, dresses for evening wear started to give a more fitted and body hugging look. A deep plunge in the V - neck style for the backing of dresses also started to be more popular. 

But, enough of that! 

Do feel free to explore more into this era by watching movies and researching because a great appreciation and acknowledgement for this era should be taken into account from everybody! I mean just look at those details on those dresses!

So if you're in Melbourne, and happen to be in the city, I do recommend you visiting the gallery! It's an amazing sight to feast your eyes upon :P

Till then! 


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