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Voice Out and Birthdays

Hello flowers that bloom blissfully in the spring :)

Good to be back on the keyboard again! :) Hope you all had a lovely week like I did.

Oh, who am I kidding.

My week was unproductive and boring :(

I had 2 weeks of holidays. The first week was good because Melbourne's Spring Fashion week was on and I had fun going around the city looking at people who had awesome fashion sense and free event stuff, how typically asian of me to love free stuff. But then this week (my last week of holiday) was pretty unproductive. Though I had a couple of uni stuff that need to be done, I as usual, remain completely blur of what is there need to be done. Of course, last minute, with the help of few friends, eventually, I will catch up. So don't worry mum and dad, I'm doing all righty with catching up. 

So I decided to spend my Saturday just roaming around my neighborhood and checked out the famous brunching cafes. My friend, Kim (a.k.a my awesome photographer) and I went over the the Green Refectory to have our late lunch and we absolutely love the place because it was incredibly affordable, the food is amazing and the interior was so interesting :D

It's pretty cool how their "order number" are these cute blocky art thingys. And also, if you're wondering, "Emery what is that amazing dis you are having?" Well my dear, it is their eggs benedict dish. And Kim there is having The Big Breakfast Stack. I know, I know. We are having breakfast meals for lunch. Coz we're random like that yo. :P After brunch, we had a last minute visit to the local art gallery that was near by! Free entry too!

There was not that much too see but it was definitely interesting. The whole gallery focused on like people voicing out for justice, world people and love. Out side the gallery, they had this section where you can write on the board with whatever you like that concerns on what the world needs to hear. There were interesting ones, funny, deep and also ridiculous ones. But it was a great effort to have something like this around the place. I believe it's a fun way for the people to write their mind and also create some sort of awareness :) Feeling a little inspired after seeing this. I felt like doing this for my hometown one day :)

And how can you enjoy the daylight without selfies ? :P

Outfit of the day!

Sunnies Urban Outfitters
Leather Jacket Divali
Studded Collar Top Zara
Floral Leggings French Connection
Laced up Boots Thrifted 
Sling Bag (old)

Also, on the side note. Happy Birthday to my forever annoying ass monkey sister Ariel <3 My best friend and best sister in the world <3 I love you from my brain all the way to my toe nails! Love the fact that we share the same birth month (wink wink mines in 2 weeks time)

Hopefully that was some good reading or most of you might have just enjoyed looking through photos, either way, hope you enjoyed.

For your information also, I have entered this window design competition where I have designed and decorated a store's window. If you have a Facebook account, do vote for my window by clicking this link here http://bit.ly/15VEkIM and vote for my window! Don't forget to leave a comment. The voting is hourly, so do vote at any time when you are free. Closing date is 22nd of September. Thank you so much in advance! :)

When Uni's back on track again, pray that I'll be more productive than ever. Got some few exciting project coming up. So stay tuned for that! 

Let me know productive you've been these past few weeks. Till then!


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