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Photoshoot and 20th

So I've finally celebrated my 20th birthday on the 27th of September :P

If you're expecting some birthday suit or some sort of birthday outfit I bought for myself, sorry to disappoint you but I didn't. 

I had amazing friends bringing me out for brunch, ice cream, movies and a rose flower :) Which was I guess terrific enough for me. 

If you are intrigued, you may head over to my Instagram for photos. 

But other than that, I've been extremely busy with assignments and late night studying. 

Today was different though :) Remember that big project I was talking about? Well! It's finally revealed. Today, I had the opportunity to direct and style a photoshoot. I got a concept and an idea, and gathered up the most amazing, heart warming and wonderfully talented bunch of people who agreed with me to do it! I never felt so blessed and amazed at how everything turned out despite a lot of last minute changes. 

Here's a little glimpse of today. I didn't bring my camera so phone quality photos will do for now. Bare with me, loves

So I collaged up a bunch of pictures of the behind the scenes. If you look closely, I have an Irish model, and an Asian Model. LOOK AT HOW DIVERSE MY MODELS ARE :D Because I believe beauty doesn't need to be all skin, bones and white. 

And to surprise you all a little. I might have even modeled a little with this amazing chick here who helped out a lot with gathering the models ;)

That's me and my darling Vivian taking selfies after doing a few modelling shots ;P

And this is sort of...partlyyy... the crew of the shoot. Top left is a photo of Viv and I. Thanks to her, I had extremely gorgeous girls as my models, Anna and Alex. Top right is a photo of Ferryan, the talented photographer together with Rob (not in the photo, you can see his arm though with the green sleeves lol) and my fat face. Bottom left is Angie, the amazing make up artist with the most bubbliest personality :) and bottom left is Juwita, the girlfriend of Feryan the photographer and also my housemate who bakes extremely well :P

Also wanna thank you Sandra the store owner/designer for letting me do the photoshoot based on her products. She's been such a positive and loving person whenever it comes to giving out ideas and working with her. Don't forget Linda, the impromptu model who was working for Sandra in the store :P

Everything just fell into place and I was extremely happy to see the photoshoot turn out better than expected. Really really thankful for this people!

Other than that, hopefully the photos are worth the wait :) And I'll post a few of it here.

Till then



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