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Styling The Black Leather Jacket

Have any of you pretty lovelies missed me yet? :P 

Well guess what! I'm back with another styling post! I'm definately in love with this newly bought leather jacket that I got from a local boutique near my place which is called Divali (clicky clicky on the link!) I'm pretty close with the owner and have done an assignment project in which I had to decorate her store with my a touch of my own creativity :P Anyways, I'm loving this leather jacket that I got form the store and would love to share with you guys how I style leather jacket. Obviously, you dont have to get the same style or from the same store, just get any of your fav black leather jacket and get out there and go look stylish! :)

I love the cutting and fit the leather jacket gives me and it's just the simplicity of it is insane :) Now let's get going with the pics!

Look 1: Playing with Velvet

Velvet top with sheer sleeves GeneralPants (Alice in The Eve)
Studded Skirt Gorjess Closet
Heels Novo

Yeap. It's that time again where some of us girls must have something studded or velvet :P Gives a little goth vibe, yes? I love this top where it has some sort of a princess neckline and the sleeves, omg, THE SLEEVES, are these thin sheer sleeves. I think the top looks absolutely lovely with the studded skirt that I got from a local designer here in Australia. Me thinks the leather and velvet compliments each other because all though they have similar color but the different texture in fabric makes the loveliest difference :D Don't you think? Leaving the outfit off without any accessories because I feel there are a lot of look going on already as it self.

Look 2: Slimmer with Stripes

Stripe Dress tobi.com
Black Wedges Vincci Malaysia

I've been craving for this look coz I think it works so well during the winter season (provided that you add layers of course) and I believe it'll be a great way to transit it to spring and also especially to a night time look! Stripes are eternally trendy especially vertical ones because I feel it makes your body.... slimmer? HAHA, maybe that's just my eyes playing tricks on me but vertical stripes are pretty rad :) Though at times I feel like I just escaped from the jail, but with STYLE. HAHA. The leather jacket totally boost up some chicness into the look since the stripe  pops up as such a bold pattern! I also paired this up with a touch of gold large skull earrings for some shazams! 

Look 3:  Going A Little Lighter

White top Decjuba
Light Blue Leggings Asos.com
Nude Heels Wittner

Simple and ready to go. I feel leather jackets compliments lighter and simple colors on the outfits especially if you need to be on the go. Minimal accessories except for that minor simple gold necklace I got from a friend as a gift :) This is look is more for running errands and having brunch supping on your fav coffee! I just feel it's a relaxed look esp with all the light colors going on. Don't you just love how that heels gives a pop rose gold on the look?

Look 4: Concert Chick

Grey Tribal Shorts Roxy
Ankle Boot Heels Voir Malaysia
Necklace Fun Accessories 

This is probably something I'd wear to watch my favorite band performing or to any random music festival! Very summer like look and it's definitely ready to go rock out anybody's day! :P I love how the Future Music Fest's top gave some minor silver accents on the look and I think the metallic accents really goes well with the leather jacket -- gives a more rocker chic feel :P And I don't think tribal shorts and ever go wrong! :)


So that was it my chiquititas! Four looks on how I would style leather jackets. Obviously I believe leather jackets is a piece where it just adds the outfit with more personality so feel free to be inspired with this post! Also dont forget to visit the Divali store if you're around Melbourne or just simply check out the FB page to have a look. Definitely loving their jewelry their! Do comment and lemme know what you guys think! I read every comment! And feel free to add me on Twitter and Instagram! Stay connected! xx

Thanks to my amazing friend Kimberly Lau for taking the pictures and also her apartment (it's where all these photos were taken hehe), it was just waaayy to windy outside - so typical of you Melbourne, tsk tsk.

Till then!


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