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Styling The Basic White Tee

Hello once again my lovelies.

I had way too much time on my had today and was thinking about showing and sharing you all how I style the basic white tee. Now I know there are tons and hundreds of videos and posts about this, still, no harm in sharing mine too, right? :) Some of the looks here looks like I haven't got enough layers to keep me warm (since, let me remind you again that I live in Australia and it's winter here) but no worries, this looks are adaptable to whatever weather you are currently facing. You can minimize the layers and use thinner materials, or you can add layers and use warmer materials. Completely up to you :)

So the basic white top I'm styling here is from GAP! It's made out of viscose - very thin and super comfy

Now let's just get into it shall we? :D


Printed Skirt Thrifted
Lightweight Blazer Mister Mode Fashion Market
Shoes Steve Madden
Necklace Vincci
Rings DIY & Fun 

If you don't know me well, I should have you know, I'm pretty much a hardcore thrifter :P I live in an area where there are pretty a lot of thrift stores and my friends and I love lurking around in them and buying random clothing. Some have pretty neat stuff. And yes, it's safe and I do it. I don't see any harm in doing so :P Lightweight blazer is a great outer wear to look casual and add a tinge of sophistication. The printed skirt gives a funky vibe and tones down the office - ish look together with the printed loafers!   


Midi Dress boohoo.com
Beanie Ebay
Claw Bracelet Ebay
Skinny Collar Necklace Asos
Shoe Korea

Using the basic white tee as an outer layer for a fitting dress gives a different dimension on the body. I tied it up so it'll be more fitting and it feels like it looks better if I do so lol. The beanie keeps my hair in place when the wind attacks me and I think it gives a little more character in the clothing, no? Silver jewelry to add more shazams and prevent plainness :P The boots I'm wearing here that I bought from Korea (I tend to buy a lot of shoes and other stuff from Korea :P) is made out of lamb leather so it's pretty comfy and soft.


Jeggings MNG
Hat Cotton On
Rings Random Boutique
Scarf Thrifted
Shoes Voir

Hats are amazing blocking rain harassing your face and ruining your hair, provided that no raging wind is there. And it also keep the sunlight from making your eyes scream haha. This is the most casual look with the leopard scarf giving a little sass into the look. The Voir shoes I got from Malaysia is amazingly comfortable and gold toned jewelry to compliment the studs on the boots! :P

Tie Dye Cardigan Thrifted
Shorts Cotton On
Black Oxfords Thirfted
Socks Esprit
Jewelry Topshop

Tie dyes just slap your outfit with a funky vibe. I thirfted mine accidentally actually because I saw a couple girls on the road side selling their stuff and I thought the tie dye one was a steal. BECAUSE I FREAKING LOOK LIKE A BUTTERFLY haha. I love the print. Usually, tie dyes come in rainbow colors or bright colors but this one came in dark colors. It's like a very emo butterfly. No wait, looks like more like a moth. Oh gosh why. I don't sound as beautiful anymore..... Anyways, I guess this look is more towards a warmer summery weather when you feel like fluttering in the breeze (get it? get it? coz you're like.. a butterfly???)

So those are four looks in styling your average basic white tee! Hope you enjoyed that! This is probably part 1 in styling basics. I might post more on that. Lemme know what you all wanna read or see next?

Stay warm

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