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Quirky and Lights


This post is so overdue but no fear, Emery is here - to finally update! :P

Friends from all over the were here in Melbourne to experience the big and vibrant city life here. So I had the chance to bring few of them around the city and just checking out things that were happening around the city. And of course, Melbourne has a lot to offer. Apparently, about a week ago, 27th and 28th of July, was Melbourne Open Day (Or something like that) which means, few of the places to visit that had entrance fee was free on those few days! I didn't to manage to go all out but there few events that attracted my friends and I to check out. One of them were the Walter Ven Beirendonck (I'm not even going to try to pronounce that last name) Fashion Exhibition at the new RMIT architecture building and The Lights Projection Exhibition along Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. It's definitely a spectacular dose of fun and colorful moment!

The poster we saw upon entrance

The first creation of Walter to greet us upon entry

The spinning mannequins 

Props to compliment his fashion designs

Colorful toys - where he gets inspiration from

More Spinning mannequins 

 The moment my friends and I entered the exhibition, the first thing we saw was this pair of legs with funky printed pants and it had no body. Instead, it had a bunch of fluffly light balls on it. When I saw it in my mind - uh oh, it's those type of fashion again, I can tell. Haha. Not to diss the exhibition or anything but I honestly knew this was going to be something out of the ordinary. Not your typical, high end Chanel or Christian Dior kind of thing. And true enough, I was right. I never heard of Walter before nor have I seen his designs and work. But I was pretty impressed nevertheless. His work has so much color blocking, tribal prints and funny, quirky patters. His inspiration comes from little colorful toys and learning about tribes. To be honest, I wouldn't wear something like that in the open, but it's definitely very theatrical and stage-like designs. I find his work to be more suitable on stage, where people and scenes are exaggerated. I feel like his designs looked more like costumes where it had a lot of stories to tell and messages to convey.

One of the bigger design models

Structure model made from Styrofoam 

One of the smaller models

The wall design of the building we were in

On the same building, besides the fashion exhibition, other floors were open to visit and have a look to. Since it was an architecture building for students, other floors welcomed people to have them check other some of the students work. If you're into designs and structures then this is definately awesome to check out. Some designs were amazing and kept me wondering how can such thing be created? That's science and art exploding together right there in my face. Haha. 

Light projected from inside of a random building reflecting the silhouette of skyscrapers

Random patterns projecting on windows of the buildings

Lights projected on tall apartments 

In one of the show rooms

A random store along street playing with the lights showing their products

After spending some time in the exhibition, the day soon became dark and we head over to Gertrude Street, Fitzroy where they were having The Lights Projection Exhibition. This is where various artist play with lights projecting on random stores, trees, tall buildings, on the floor, mail boxes and other random objects. Some were animated and some were artistic designs. There were few galleries here and there that exhibited photographs and more light projections. The bars and restaurant along that street opened up late due to people constantly walking up and own the street. It was a night to remember! A whole of people walking along the street with their significant other and big families were intrigued with the exhibition. Will definitely catch the next one next year and will even try eating/chilling in one of the  bars or restaurant! 

Outfit of the day! 

Time well spent last weekend! Had a blast having friends visiting Melbourne from home. Makes me miss home less. 

I'll have few more post to share with you guys in the future! I might make more videos :P Just waiting for my camera to arrived - as you can see how a crap load of quality my current camera gives, if you didn't notice then it's fine, that just means my photoshop skills are good enough! So when my camera arrives, I'll post more outfit shots!


One of the graffiti in Fitzroy Street. Cool huh? Btw, Made my own GIF lol!

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