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Summer Haze throwback

I know, I know.

You might be thinking, "Uhm, Emery, what kind of first blog post title is that? Trying to act all funny again?" Of course not. I'm naturally hilarious and I do not have the need to try to be funny. Hahaha..jokes.

But seriously.

When I got back to Malaysia, Sabah, it was hazy and extremely hot. I left Melbourne and said goodbyes to the cold winter and welcomed the warm sunny Borneo with a smile. Unfortunately, it greeted me back with it's hazy and grey sky. No form of blueness or white fluffy clouds could be seen for a few days. I was worried we might be wearing those masks and it'll be like swine flu all over again.

Either way, I was extremely happy to be back. I prefer the sun and the warm rather than coldness and the constant gloomy sky during winter. There are just more things to do during warm weathers but to be honest, as the days go by, when the sun seems to be taking a toll on you for too long, you start to think maybe winter isn't a bad idea after all. Apart from enjoying the weather, I enjoyed good companies and food. Coffee with old friends and spending time with the fam. Great combo after 6 months away from them. Home never felt so good when it becomes an option on your holiday list.

I'd love to fill my first post with exciting stories of my trip back in KK, especially about the food. But then again, I'll just make you all virtually fat. So, I'll save it for next time.

In the mean time, welcome to my blog. Here, I'll be posting mainly stuff about fashion, arts and maybe other little pretty things I'd love to share with you guys! Hopefully you'll love it as much as I do. Enjoy! :)



Chocolates and sweet desserts are happy pills. Art watching is therapeutic. Musicals are fun to boogie to. Fashion gives superpowers.
Melbourne <---> Malaysia

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