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Summer Haze Outfits!

Hello Lovelies.

So one of the many wonderful activities I managed to do while I was back home in Malaysia was to play dress ups with my sister. With the wonderful help of best friend, Landy, we had extremely fun recording and taking pictures of our outfits! And since my country can be considered as a summer (all year long and forever will be) heaven, we whipped out six different outfits. Outfits that we chose was best to wear during the foul heat and stay fashionable at the same time! 

Here's the video of us recording our outfits! CHECK IT OUT! :)

Annddddd... when you're done with that, all the details are down here again! :P Now, let's go through them again!

OUTFIT 1 The Formal 

Black bustier Cotton On Red Skirt Topshop Silver Chain Necklace Cotton On Sandals Gift Thomas Sabo Bracelet

That is my younger sister by the way if you're wondering. And no, we do not look alike okay. I prefer to have my physical looks as unique and different as possible from hers. HAHA. Jokes. I love her to bits. And as you can see, this look is pretty formal and it's absolutely perfect for a night out after chilling with your friends in the evening and just replace the shiny sandals with you fave kick ass high heels and you're ready for the night!

OUTFIT 2 Floral Fallout

Floral Bustier & Skirt Cotton On Cardigan Target Spiked Bracelet Vincci Sandals Vincci Earrings Colette

 So much sassy floral prints on my body right now, I feel like a garden. Haha. Don't you just love how that floral bustier just pops life into the outfit? Minimal silver toned accessories and sandals to balance off the heavy prints on the outfit. Feel like you're to visit the beach (see, the bun up hair is handy! - keeps the annoying wind from making you eat your own hair) and have a sip of some coconut drink!

OUTFIT 3 Too Much Rock

Fringe Top DIY Denim Vest Thrifted Leather Shorts boohoo.com Boots Korea

Fringe tops screams summer. Especially if you did it yourself! Yes, the sister DIY-ed her own fringe top and match it up with a denim vest and leather shorts. Usually denim and leather doesn't sound convincing enough to be paired up during summer but who cares! This outfit is enough to keep you covered and let air flow through you so that's fine! As long as you don't feel like you're an oven being in your own clothes! :P Go turn on your rocker chick mode  (not swag, please) with some boots and have some fun with your girlfriends.

OUTFIT 4 Dainty Stripes 

Dress My hometown mall Karamunsing haha Sun Hat Gaya Street Sunday Market Boots Novo Gold Toned Accessories Diva & Ebay Watch Swatch

Fun, flowy dresses just make me look forward to warm weathers even more! If it is too dressy then you can always switch those boots to flip flops and the belt to a skinny braided one. However, this outfit can pass for a night out with the ladies (without the hat). Hats during the sunny weather just helps keep your face out of the sun you know? You may get looks for being too tourist-y but ain't nobody got time for petty looks from people, just go and wear that fav sun hat girl!  

OUTFIT 5 Phierce

Cat Top Cotton On Pants Cotton On Flats Holland

Faces of phierce ( I meant fierce by the way, if you must ask) animals about to maul you are becoming more in these days whatever season it is. Don't you just love embracing summer with that cat face there? It's like telling summer, " I AM PH-IERCE, GET READY SUMMER, I'M GUNNA GET YOU," Just add those funky flats laying around your house, like I have here, and it just completes the phierce package.

OUTFIT 6 Laid Back 

Top Bardot Jegging Dorothy Perkins Claw Bracelet Ebay Rings DIY & Diva Necklace Topshop Earrings Diva Shoes Steve Madden

Tie up your messy braids girlfriend it's going to be a lazy summer day. Simple colorful cheetah top and blue jeggings to get your errands done for the day. Pairing it up with some simple silver tone accessories again. I think you can tell that I pretty much prefer silver toned accessories. Heh.

THANKS LANDY SARAH MY HOMIE, for doing our make up!

Woot woot! Those are the outfits! Hope you guys enjoyed looking through what I keep in my closets. Hehe. I know it may not be everyone's taste but I do hope you enjoy seeing mine. :P I had just too much time on my hand back home and so this was done purely for fun!

I'm back in Australia now and it's now winter here. Unlike in Malaysia, or currently in the other parts of the world, it is summer, right? Maybe I'll start posting stuff about winter soon but the cold isn't really motivating me to dress up or to go around much. I AM IMMOBILIZED BY THE COLD. Despite that, I'll keep writing. Because it's what keep me happy and content. 

Let me know what you guys think! And what's your favorite fattening food? (comment below! I might need it for hibernation during the winter)


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