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Manchester Press, Elizabeth/Lil Bourke Street

After so many attempts, I finally got to try the coffee and brunch in Manchester Press! I've heard it's a good place to have brunch or just a chill place with your friends (I'm still fairly new to Melbourne and still in the midst exploring, so don't judge me :P). It was pretty crowded when I found the place and  had to actually wait outside for a couple of minutes to be seated, so I took the time just looking through the outsides of the cafe. It kinda looked like it used to be some sort of a warehouse or a random public toilet. I didn't see any other cafe around it except for this printing place right next to it that said Manchester Press Printing or something like that. I'm not even actually sure it's an actually printing company or is it just a fancy vintage sign painted on a door. Either way I liked the whole look of the entrance and the inside too! Gives me a very funky vibe. The hairy potted plants that dangled above looked so pretty when a slight breeze passed through the alley (yes, the cafe is in a small alley) so I couldn't help but to snap a picture of it and the artsy background definitely contributed to it's prettyness! 

Dinner Jacket (like literally)

Yohji Yamamoto & Dior Exhibition

Fashion Illustrations by Unknown

Religion is Weapon

National Gallery of Victoria

I absolutely adore galleries and museums. If you're thinking I'm a granny or that galleries are for old people, then boo you! You should be shame of yourself :P After having brunch in the funky Manchester Press, my friends and I  headed down to the National Gallery of Victoria! This is my third time going and I never get bored of it! :P Well, actually in my first two visit I only had an hour so I got kicked out really fast out of the gallery. But no worries! I managed to redeem myself because this time I actually went early! So I had lots of time to browse around more than my previous visits. My photos do not do justice of what the wonders that are actually hidden inside the gallery itself! So if you have too much free time and you want to feeeeell ( or fill, either way works fine with me haha) some art inside of you, go ahead down to the gallery! :) (it's free btw, now quick go)


The Great Gatsby Costume Display

We also checked out the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at Federations Square! Loved it to bits! Unfortunately, no photos were allowed but! I will specifically dedicate a post about what were my fav all time Hollywood Costumes from the exhibition. :) 


Southbank! :)

Coat, Korea Turtle Neck Sleeveless Top, Christoper Ari Jeggings, MNG Boots, Novo 
Outside National Gallery of Victoria

Narcissistic photos taken by Kimberly Lau <3 

It's was surprising warm today even though it was windy. However, the moment we came out after the Hollywood Costume Exhibition it was raining severely heavy :O Oh Melbourne, how could you!


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