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Back at it and currently everywhere

Hey guyssss

Yes. I've been gone way too long. I also realise I've posted a preview of this blog on insta like ages ago saying how it was going to be on the blog "soon" but obviously I clearly meant "ages later". I've been juggling few things at the moment - post graduates degree and wor. I've been trying to make time to put more content in this but honestly I haven't invested much time into creative brainstorming or generally finding inspiration. I'm getting there, hopefully. So far I like doodling over my pictures and letting that fun and weird side of me appear a little through the sketches although in my photos you can tell I might be already a little weird. Such a poser seriously hahaa.

Initially I went over to Jeremy's house to help him out with a photography class assignment. Told me to throw on some all-black and loose outfit on and practically looking sad AF. Then switched over to a happier vibe. After that I thought hey dude this outfits kinda cool lets do some OOTD photos on these. And we did! Also went and change to my original outfit and took pictures of those too. Hence, the outfits. First looking like I just woke up in pajamas but also trying to look chic in it. Second, trying to act cool with braided pigtails.

Comment if you're reading this! I would love to seee y'all still out there despite being dead or half dead most of the time with the blog.



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Abused and used

Hello my lovely readers. 

I know. The delay game is strong here. But ever since graduation, things have been pretty busy for me. Family, finding work, visas and all that other things that I really don't want to bore you with. 

I'm not gonna lie to you, these series of pictures are pretty old and was taken some time last year with my good mates, Meli, Jeremy and Wendy. Meli's a pretty rad fashion designer students with impeccable desire to exert creativity through what she does, honestly, she's awesome and weird all in one but trust me, it kinda works. 

She's was working on the theme about Abused. Yes, pretty dark and saddening but it is what it is. It centres around women and their issues being in an abused relationship - verbally, physically, emotionally or/and mentally. Either way to which of her designs representing how therapeutic these women would find when expressing what it is that's in them through art/designs.

And basically, these were the results.

Nothing much on the scribbles and doodles today but this was fun to do. I literally ran around in a random parking lot with my tush out there. Thought it was a cool theme. I know it sounds a little morbid and all but trust me, it can be an emotional issue. Whether it is male or female, we don't deserve to be treated like we're a piece of shit.

Wohoo, Easter break is coming anddd I might update the next post earlier than usual!

Till then



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Photo Diary 2015

Hey awesome people :)

Yes, I know I've got a lot of explaining to do. The blog's been a little quiet, I totally agree but my plate has been full lately with after-graduation decisions and plans. To kick off my first post of 2016, I must not forget to wish you all Happy New Year and also, Happy Chinese New Year. Better late than never! 

I decided to compile heaps of my film photos to review what 2015 was like for me. I know it's not all completely happy, fun and exhilarating times but then, they do make up for all the bad ones. Compiling these photos, I then realise how amazing, silly and crazy my friends are. How beautiful the nature is. And how extremely delicious the food I get to discover and consume. To be fair, I only got into film around July, so technically, these were the highlights covering only half of my 2015. Either way, I think it was the better half of the year :P 

So yes, I am completely grateful for 2015. And I ended it with ending my university days and I may or may not start embracing the work life yet, but that's the scariest and exciting part of my 2016, that a new phase is about to explode.

But what ever it may be, I'll still bring you all with me :) This blog will continue to be the outlet for my creativity. And definitely I'm striving to making it better.

Thanks for being a part of my 2015, and even the years before that.

Cheers for 2016.

p/s all my film photos are posted on my tumblr page which is ohmyemery.tumblr.com

captured with Olypus Superzoom 800s and Pentax ESPIO 738 G, with both 400 and 200 iso :D

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